Pilates Philosophy

The goal we have for our clients at The Pilates Center of South Dakota, LLC is Joseph Pilates’ definition of physical fitness: “The attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing our many and varied tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

 We use different routes to try to help people achieve that goal. 

We want to teach people how to use and enjoy their bodies in a way to move with less pain and achieve Joseph Pilates’ definition of physical fitness.

 We want people to accept where they are at with their fitness journey and move positively from there.  Not comparing yourself with others is key to this success.  Just improve oneself.  Life is very competitive, but the work here is not. 

By adhering to the principles of Pilates you can improve yourself physically like never before.  To do that one must listen and challenge yourself physically as well as mentally.  Let go of ego and do not worry about mastering a movement right away.  It takes time and effort. Your body will change faster with this attitude.

 We are not movement snobs here.  Everyone, regardless of athletic history, physical fitness, movement background, experience with Pilates, experience with exercise, current body weight, current injuries, man or woman, designer work out clothes or sweats, age, gender, or coordination deserves to enjoy moving and their body.  There are many different methods to achieve better health.  There are different styles of Pilates.  Some methods work better for a person’s needs, personality and capabilities than others.  We try to be with the clients and base our recommendations on them. We do not claim to know it all, but strive to learn more and continually educate ourselves to better serve our clients.

When teaching clients, we try to give gentle corrections.  We do not want people going through the motions without full engagement mentally and physically.  We try to help people work out of patterns of dysfunction and truly change and strengthen their bodies with the thought of realignment. 

This work is not superficial.  We try to teach you to work from the inside out.  By doing this, you will truly change your body.  The external improvements (appearance, youthfulness, body shape,  clothes fitting better, to name a few) will soon follow and be far more substantial than working without thoughtfulness.

 We try our best to make Pilates work for you no matter what your level of fitness or experience.  We want you to achieve your health goals.